National Cheng Kung University has long been focusing on enhancing the global competence of all students, with a goal of not only strengthening their language skills, but also allowing students to communicate with their global peers on a campus known for its academic freedom. Understanding of diversified cultures will foster a global view as well as a strong aspiration to explore the world among students. They will then be equipped with the literacy and competence essential for global citizens in the future world. With the vision of developing global competence, the BEST Program (Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College) at NCKU adheres to the core value of equipping students with practical and down-to-earth skills to solve real world problems.


Highly professional knowledge

Equipped with professional and linguistic competences

Intercultural communication skills

Able to communicate in English in various fields

Sensitivity and awareness to different cultures

Able to respect and understand differences between cultures

An inclusive and global vision

Able to understand and analyze global issues and embody the spirit of global citizenship


Understanding of different languages, cultures and societies through the acquisition of languages. Able to effectively communicate ideas and discuss issues in native and non-native languages.


Equipped with a certain degree of knowledge and understanding of native and non-native cultures. Equipped with certain levels of knowledge of the social/ethical code and are able to put them into practice.


Equipped with an open and respectful attitude towards both native and non-native cultures and their social values. Able to develop rational discussions of diverse values and solve potential conflicts.

Attitudes and values

Able to have an in-depth understanding of different cultures and latest trends around the world (cultural, social, economic, political, etc.) following the acquisition of new languages and their originating cultures. Able to reflect on global issues and form one's own views and criticisms on the issues, and communicate them effectively.

Action Plans

Enhancing Students' English Proficiency
Enhancing Students' English Proficiency
Staff Development
Staff Development
International Campus
International Campus